CAMOLA is a non-profit organization, dedicated to a partnership with the City of Lowell to bridge the cultural gap and build a strong Cameroonian/African community; as well as give back/improve the basic welfare of the less fortunate in rural Cameroon. CAMOLA is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Any donations you make towards one of our causes, are greatly appreciated, are tax deductible and go to help many.

Membership to CAMOLA is on a voluntary basis and is open to Cameroonians by birth or affiliation. CAMOLA is run by a president and his or her staff elected into office by members – a board of directors (also) voted-in by members is the general governing body of CAMOLA.

We meet once a month, on the 1st Saturday. However, if this day falls on a major holiday weekend, then the meeting is moved to the following Saturday. We welcome you to attend one of our meetings.


A 501(c)(3) charitable organization

Community Focused

Commonwealth of Massachusetts


Community Focused

Build a stronger Cameroonian/African community.


Partner with the City of Lowell and through various outreach activities.


Promote Cameroonian and Pan-African culture through traditional arts, handicrafts and cultural celebrations.


Community Building

Partner with the local Law Enforcement Agencies to build a positive image of our immigrant communities.

CAMOLA's Mission

Our primary goal is to bring together all the people in the City of Lowell affiliated to Cameroon and share the cultural heritage with the rest of the Citizens of Lowell. Specifically, CAMOLA’s purpose as an Association in the Greater Lowell area is as follows:

– Mobilize Cameroonians/ Africans as a whole in the Greater Lowell area to be active in the City’s sociocultural and economic development.

– To partner with the City of Lowell and through various outreach activities help to foster the City’s reputation as the cultural melting pot of America.

– Partner with the area’s Law Enforcement Agencies (Lowell Police Department & Middlesex County D. A.’s office) to build a positive image of our immigrant communities, by ensuring that law enforcement expectations of us, are reflective of our unique background and heritage.

– Provide moral and financial support within our immigrant community, as well as make charitable contributions to support various needs-based services in our US home and back in our country of origin, Cameroon.

– Educate members of both the Cameroonian Community and the Lowell Citizenry at large, on the ethnic heritage, background, and culture of the Cameroonian people.

– Provide a milieu for recreation, cultural integration, and education within the African immigrant community.

– Promote Cameroonian and Pan-African culture through traditional arts, handicrafts, and cultural celebrations.